What is your tennis coaching method/philosophy ?

I've been honored to work with and be surrounded by some great coaches and i realized that all of them had a specific method that they use in order to coach successfully, not only that but they also had certain standards for themselves and their players. I think the more you coach the more you develop your own unique coaching method. Below i have summarized my own coaching method. My method/philosophy consists of developing the correct footwork and movement patterns in the very beginning and throughout the coaching process. I use a systematic approach which allows me to achieve marginal gains every day, or in other words i am able to find and implement one thing each day, the 1%. I am a fan

Slice & Topspin in Tennis

In tennis topspin is where the ball rotates forward as opposed to backspin or slice where the ball rotates backwards. We can use topspin and slices on both forehand and backhand sides on all court surfaces. One main thing that every person who wants to play tennis should know is that in tennis we have 3 types of spin: 1. Top Spin: What you need to do when trying to hit a tennis ball with topspin is to start the racket low and lift it up while hitting the ball. When using topspin shots the ball is spinning forward, towards the opponent. After successful topspin shot, the ball goes into a parabolic trajectory and dips down on the ground; afterwards, it bounces higher than the flat shot. The ma

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