Top 4 things tennis players & coaches can do to improve

Hi all, today i would like to write about some of the reasons why tennis players do not improve. I will list the top 4 reasons in my opinion. 1. Now days players do not practice with a clear purpose. I think this is a major problem when training. I am sure (as a coach or a player) you have heard the saying : "Every shot must have a purpose", well that is very much true. Without a clear intent the tennis practice will not be beneficial and it would be a tiring waste of time. My advice is: work on something that you need to improve, have a purpose. 2. Players do not have a clear development plan that states their goals and objectives. Not having a goals and objectives plan is a big issue becau

US Open 2016 Qualifying Draw Players to watch out for

Hi guys ! The 2016 US OPEN Qualifying Draws are OUT ! Here is my analysis on the players to watch out for. I will start with the Men's Draw. Y Sugita - The No1 Seed had a solid season thus far and should be able to get through a few rounds. N. Rubin - Noah can definitely pull a few wins. The NY native will have the home crowd support and should have all the confidence in the world. S. Kozlov - One of the youngsters on the tour, Stefan has had a great season so far and we should be looking out for him as well. C.Eubanks - The GT starter had an amazing run earlier this year in Atlanta and is definitely on the rise. T. Paul - One of the most promising among the next generation Americans on the

Must read tennis/sports books (part 1)

Hi all, so i recently decided to share some of my tennis/sports performance books collection. I have a small but very interesting collection. So far I have read all of them but two ZEN Tennis & Legacy. Here is the list of my tennis books collection: 1. Winning Ugly by Brad Gilbert 2. The Tennis Drill Book 3. Fit to play tennis 4. Ultimate Conditioning for Tennis 5. Tennis Anatomy by Dr. Marc Kovacs 6. The Lombardi Rules 7. The Inner Game of Tennis 8. The Art of Peace by Morihei Ueshiba 9. 7 Keys to Being a Great Coach by Allistair McCaw 10. ZEN Tennis by Bill Scanlon 11. Legacy by James Kerr 12. USTA Mental Skills and Drills Handbook by USTA There is more to come. I have just finished readin

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