Best Online Tennis Home Workouts

As we are stuck at our homes because of the virus situation this gives us the perfect opportunity to work on our tennis game from home. Yes, you can work on your tennis while chilling at home ! In today's blog i wanted to briefly introduce you to a few Online Home Tennis programs. 1. Number one on my list is the TOTAL TENNIS HOME WORKOUT This is an amazing program that allows you to work on your tennis from home. It is well structured and includes everything from tennis footwork to technique and tennis fitness. Here is a summary of the benefits: - Train Anywhere - 9 Workouts - Easy to Follow - Designed For Home Or Limited Space - For Any Player Aged 10 & Above - Minimal equipment needed

Upgrade your Tennis Mental Game at home!

Do you feel like a lion on the practice court but a lamb in matches? You're not alone! Much of the mental struggle players have during competition stems from lack of preparation. Find out how to make that a thing of the past in today's new "tennis at home" lesson: Upgrade Your Mental Game At Home - Click Here! Kevin not only reveals one of his own big struggles on the court but gives a super simple way to head into every match with much more confidence. It's called the "ABC's". Spend just a few minutes reflecting on this exercise and applying it to each part of your game and you'll have a totally new perspective on competition when you head back to the court. Enjoy and have an amazing day. Y

Home FITNESS training for tennis

Let's face it: tennis puts our bodies through a whole heck of a lot. If we don't take care of our muscles, joints, and tendons OFF the court then they're 100% guaranteed to cause us pain eventually! That's why this time away from playing is so valuable. We have the chance to hit the "Reset" button and fully recover by following at-home routines like this one: Home Fitness Training For Tennis - Click Here! I did this same routine (thanks, Megan!) the last couple mornings before the rest of my family got up and I love the way it's making me feel. If you struggle with tight calves, hamstrings, back or hips then you absolutely have to give it a try. Best of all it only takes two or three minutes

Home footwork training for tennis

We're all stuck at home right now which means there's a HUGE opportunity to improve your footwork habits! No ball flying at you means plenty of mental bandwidth to purposefully take the right steps and groove in more efficient patterns. This new lesson shows exactly how to do it: Home Footwork Training For Tennis - Click Here! Upgrading your footwork patterns now, while you aren't hitting balls every day, will mean much more smoothness and efficiency moving around the court when you get back. Most players have footwork sticking points but they have no idea what they are! Breaking things down step by step is the perfect way to iron out those rough edges and start developing new, better habits

Improve your tennis at HOME!

Hey guys ! As tennis clubs across the world are closed, leagues and tournaments cancelled, and millions of are forced to put their lives on hold and stay at home, we're all left asking the same question: "What about my tennis game?" We're excited to share a bit of good news – you CAN improve your tennis game from the confines of your own home and it all starts here: Improve Your Tennis At Home - Click Here! Today you're going to learn the first step to ALL successful improvement journeys! In the coming week we'll be providing you drills, routines, and resources to help you take your entire game to the next level without leaving your home. Can't wait to show you everything we've been working

How well do you know your racquet and strings?

Tip from Emil I often talk to people about different strings and often times they have no idea what the difference is between different types of strings. Here is a little guide that hopefully will give you a better idea next time you look for a string. String Type: Nylon Solid Core: + Pros: least expensive & most durable - Cons: Stiff. Doesn’t cushion ball well. Nylon/Polyurethane multifilament’s: + Pros: Top shelf synthetic. Excellent feel & shock absorption. - Cons: More expensive - $15 - $30 Natural gut: This is the stuff that Federer uses 😊 + Pros – Good pop, control & comfort. - Cons – Most expensive ($40+). Made from cow intestine. Breaks easily. Polyester: + Pros – Takes power off sh

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