Work on your Tennis Game From Home - Best Tennis Video Course is LIVE

Hi all, First and foremost, I hope you're safe and healthy! These are such difficult times for so many reasons which is why over the last few days I've been trying to support you by sending videos from series of "at home" tennis improvement tips. Focusing on something positive, healthy and constructive is so important right now. These videos show you how to work on your game from home while we are all stuck and not able to get much outdoor hitting time. If you found the videos useful and want to expand on them by following a weekly schedule with even more information and videos than feel free to sign up for this video course. Registration will be open for just one week and after that it will

Work on your Tennis Strategy & Split Step from Home - Best Tennis Strategy Video Tip

Hi all, this is video #6 and it talks about the split step and how it relates to improving your tennis strategy and reading your opponent. This is probably the best strategy tip that i have seen. You will be shocked to find out how easy it is to read your opponents next move or what kind of shot they may hit. Believe it or not you can improve your tennis strategy right from your living room! It's by training something completely unexpected that you probably NEVER thought of as strategy related before... Find out what it is and how you can work on it instantly in today's new lesson: Home Tennis Strategy Secret - Click Here! Part of me feels like a broken record talking about the focus element

Fix your Forehand Stroke at Home!

Hi all, this video talks about the steps you need to take in order to hit a forehand like let's say Federer. I have watched tons of videos about correct forehand technique in tennis and i have to tell you this one is by far one of the best. Ian is great at explaining the different steps you need to take so i highly encourage you take a look at this short preview video and get the full online course when it is available this Friday. Believe it or not you can improve your tennis strokes right from your living room! You don't need a court or a ball machine in order to practice this. This new lesson breaks down how to do it step by step: Fix Your Forehand Tennis Stroke At Home - Click Here! Thes

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