Work on your Tennis Game From Home - Best Tennis Video Course is LIVE

Hi all,

First and foremost, I hope you're safe and healthy!

These are such difficult times for so many reasons which is why over the last few days I've been trying to support you by sending videos from series of "at home" tennis improvement tips. Focusing on something positive, healthy and constructive is so important right now.

These videos show you how to work on your game from home while we are all stuck and not able to get much outdoor hitting time. If you found the videos useful and want to expand on them by following a weekly schedule with even more information and videos than feel free to sign up for this video course. Registration will be open for just one week and after that it will be closed for a while.

Overall now it's the perfect time to work on something that you would normally not do during a league match for example. Let's say maybe you are working on your second serve, or trying to get that forehand deeper and with more spin, or working on your return. Whatever it is, most of it you can improve it from home.

I highly recommend you trying this Tennis Max Video Course and see how it goes.

The way it is structured is that you will be provided with a weekly schedule so you know exactly with which video to start and how to do everything. It will consist of 6 modules: Footwork, Mental Toughness, Tennis Fitness, Coordination drills, Strokes Technique & Strategy (for singles and doubles).

To Sign Up Please Use the link below or Click Here.

Transform Your Game At Home - Click Here!

The doors just opened to the most comprehensive and effective home improvement resource for tennis players on the planet!

It's comprehensive because it delivers a step by step, follow along guide for upgrading all these different tennis skills without leaving your home:

  • Footwork

  • Mental Toughness

  • Coordination

  • Technique

  • Strategy

  • Fitness

This time stuck at home is a huge opportunity for tennis players all around the world to upgrade their core, fundamental skills without getting derailed by the pressure of playing matches.

I hope you enjoy the course and hope to see you on the courts soon !!



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