Tennis Specific Footwork Training (TSFT)

Program description

This specialized high performance tennis specific footwork program is geared towards giving you more power, speed, flexibility, balance and agility. It doesn’t matter if you are a tournament player, recreational enthusiast or just new to the sport, this special tennis fitness program will get you the results you want - on and off the court.

Some of the critical benefits that you will get include:

  • Much quicker response on the ball

  • Better understanding on injury prevention

  • Developing effortless power

  • Improved balance and coordination

  • Improved movement on the court

Program Summary

Emil is certified tennis performance trainer (TPT) and will lead this new tennis footwork program. As a certified tennis footwork specialist, Emil will conduct on site TSFT (Tennis Specific Footwork Training) through his unique Emil Tennis Method which will include: Periodization & Planning, Testing & Assessment, Tennis Specific Endurance, Resistance Training, Tennis Movement, Tennis strokes mechanics and Nutritional education, Injury prevention, and Flexibility and Recovery. The TSFT program offers private and group sessions. Private sessions are available to everyone regardless of level or ability, group sessions are geared towards performance juniors and competitive adults.