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Amy Callender

Emil is professional, personable and friendly. The way he teaches is very effective and results were seen after only a few lessons. I would highly recommend Emil for any level tennis player. Great Coach!

William Niessner

Emil is the go-to pro for tennis in the Northern Virginia area. As someone who began working with Emil and his program from the moment he moved here a few years back I have nothing but good things to say about him. No matter the skill level, age, or personality Emil is the guy you want for tennis. I have worked with Emil the tennis pro on the court and I can say he is an even better person off of it. Whether you're looking to start playing, improve, or just have fun I cannot recommend him enough. He has helped my game immensely and I know he will happily do the same for anyone else!

Ryan Fincham

Emil is a great coach and great person. My son is 14 and loves lessons with Emil. My son is improving each week. Emil is excellent with footwork and all the fundamentals of the game and coaches with a positive attitude but expects hard work! I am not much of a tennis player myself, but just listening to him coach my son has made me a stronger player! Definitely recommend Emil!

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