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Why Choose Us ?


1. Why choose a footwork plan with Emil Tennis Method ?

There is plenty of free online resources that you can look up and utilize yourself such as YouTube and Google, however what you don’t know is that most of those platforms are not necessarily offering information from credible and certified sources. They have never seen you play so they don’t know your tennis game and needs, they are not endorsed by anyone that’s an expert in the industry. If anything, utilizing those resources could do more damage to your game than good. Many people try to research videos on their own and end up working on the wrong thing which then makes it even harder to fix.


Unlike some cheaper options such as the “one-time purchase” tennis fitness programs loaded with “on-the-go" videos that may not even apply to your needs, my programs are all custom build and tweaked monthly. 


Another major benefit is that I provide direct assessment and individualized coaching for you.


Tennis specific fitness and footwork programs like this cost thousands of dollars per month. This is an extremely cost-effective program that can help improve your tennis-specific fitness, footwork and movement. I want to help everyone as best as I can. Any level of play is welcome, from the beginner to the professional and anyone in between !

2. How is this service different from other similar ones out there ?

First and foremost, this is a very unique service and it is not offered everywhere. Every single tennis footwork workout that I produce is custom build to fit your exact needs. I take the time to analyze your game, identify weaknesses, make suggestions and then make a plan as to how to improve your movement and footwork based on your current level. I take a very detailed oriented approach in order to help you improve your game. 


This is truly a top tier training at your fingertips for a fraction of the price of what it normally costs you for in person session with the best in the industry. You will receive an in-depth video description and instructions for each exercise. 

3. I already take tennis lessons, why do I need this tennis footwork program ? 

Tennis lessons are great, but learning how to move properly on the tennis court could take your game to the next level. It is absolutely essential that you have a great footwork. You can have a great tennis racket technique but if you are taking the wrong steps and not moving well then it doesn’t matter how “pretty” your shots are. Private tennis lessons on average cost $60 an hour and most players don’t get much out of it because not every coach is certified in tennis specific footwork. There is a lot of feeding going on and not much instruction, especially on the movement aspect of tennis.


So if you are currently taking one private lesson a week, every week that is roughly $240 a month. I can guarantee you that you will learn more from my online tennis footwork instruction for a fraction of that cost per month. It is absolutely FREE to try it ! 

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