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What is your tennis coaching method/philosophy ?

I've been honored to work with and be surrounded by some great coaches and i realized that all of them had a specific method that they use in order to coach successfully, not only that but they also had certain standards for themselves and their players.

I think the more you coach the more you develop your own unique coaching method. Below i have summarized my own coaching method.

My method/philosophy consists of developing the correct footwork and movement patterns in the very beginning and throughout the coaching process. I use a systematic approach which allows me to achieve marginal gains every day, or in other words i am able to find and implement one thing each day, the 1%. I am a fan of the game based (situation like) coaching. I think is a fun way of teaching and learning and players are able to understand things much better as opposed just feeding balls all day. The four pillars that i like to use when implementing the game/situation based approach include: Perception, Decision, Execution and Feedback.

So to summarize it all I would say that my style of coaching is situation based with a step by step approach when working on very specific things with emphasis on the footwork.

I would love to find out what is your coaching method/philosophy ?

For more info on my tennis specific footwork methods please Follow me on Twitter @CoachEMethod I will also follow you back.


Emil Vassilev, TPT

Emil Tennis Method

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