Best Online Tennis Home Workouts

As we are stuck at our homes because of the virus situation this gives us the perfect opportunity to work on our tennis game from home. Yes, you can work on your tennis while chilling at home ! In today's blog i wanted to briefly introduce you to a few Online Home Tennis programs.

1. Number one on my list is the TOTAL TENNIS HOME WORKOUT

This is an amazing program that allows you to work on your tennis from home. It is well structured and includes everything from tennis footwork drills to technique and tennis fitness. Here is a summary of the benefits:

- Train Anywhere - 9 Workouts - Easy to Follow - Designed For Home Or Limited Space - For Any Player Aged 10 & Above - Minimal equipment needed - 1 - 7 Sessions Per Week - 20 - 40min Workouts - No Gym Required - LIFETIME Access. View in App, Phone, Desktop or Tablet


This unique program is for tennis players aged 10 - 60 years that have limited space or time to train. If you don't have access to a gym or tennis court, don't worry, this program will get you fit, strong and have you moving better on court, all in 4 weeks. Designed for you to complete at home, in a park or in a small space (Minimum 3m x 4m), you will find it super effective at getting you "Tennis Fit". Whether you are a SERIOUS tennis player or a SOCIAL player that want to improve physically, at your time and convenience. This program is for YOU! With 9 WORKOUTS to choose from daily. You will be challenged everyday and won't be getting bored!

2. Second on my list is the Junior Strength & Conditioning Tennis Program