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The 3 Building Blocks in Tennis that every player should work on

Hi all ! For this month's blog post I wanted to share with you what I believe is the three most important pillars in tennis. I think these three are the ones that every player should focus on equally. Here is what I have:

1. Physical:

This relates to Tennis strength and conditioning training Strength, endurance, agility, power, speed, warm-up, flexibility, recovery, hydration, nutrition and tennis footwork drills. I believe the game of tennis is super complex. Getting this part right is tricky, especially for young players, navigating through the development pathway is challenging and it is important to have the right resources and people around you to get this right. Every player should be doing work in this area. This is the best way to support your technical pillar by making you a more robust, resilient, and capable athlete, which in effect will enable you to play at a much higher level on the court. That makes sense, right?

To improve in this pillar, check out what we have here - CLICK HERE

2. Technical:

This relates to on-court play - lessons, clinics, matches. Most players spend most of their time on this pillar. It is the main focus for most players. In fact, many players do not do any work outside of this area and for those that do it is often unstructured and likely ineffective. I always recommend starting with some private tennis lessons based on where you are. If you need help finding a good coach anywhere in the USA please send me a message to see if I can recommend someone. If you happened to live in Richmond, VA or within 60 miles from it, definitely let me know so we can connect ! You should also check out my FREE Tennis footwork workout offering HERE.

2. Mental Toughness:

This relates to mental tennis fitness – Emotional control, mental resilience, your mindset, coping mechanisms, choking in matches, anxiety, confidence. When you look at what the Mental toughness covers you may be thinking, wow I need help in a few of those areas, you are not alone.

You are reading this, and you know you will benefit from improving in this area. It is a game-changer, yet not many players spend any time at all working on it.

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