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Top 4 things tennis players & coaches can do to improve

Hi all, today i would like to write about some of the reasons why tennis players do not improve. I will list the top 4 reasons in my opinion.

1. Now days players do not practice with a clear purpose. I think this is a major problem when training. I am sure (as a coach or a player) you have heard the saying : "Every shot must have a purpose", well that is very much true. Without a clear intent the tennis practice will not be beneficial and it would be a tiring waste of time. My advice is: work on something that you need to improve, have a purpose.

2. Players do not have a clear tennis development plan that states their goals and objectives. Not having a goals and objectives plan is a big issue because there is no path to follow, no clear plan to follow and no data to compare whether or not one is improving. My advice would be to sit down with your coach and develop a plan.

3. Tennis Stretching habits are not there. I have noticed that players do not always do the static stretching in the end of their practice session. This is a major flow. Develop the habit of stretching after practice and starting with a dynamic stretching warm up in the beginning of your practice session. I always recommend to all of my players to get the McCaw method stretching strap. They have all improved big time by simply stretching for about 15 mins everyday (on their own and after practice).

4. We are talking "technique" way too much. My opinion is that we need to focus a little less on technique and much more on developing balance and ball tracking skills AND your tennis footwork ! Guys, I can't emphasize enough the importance of doing good tennis footwork drills to help your game.

Thanks for taking time to read my short blog and please keep in touch with me by following me on Twitter @CoachEMethod

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