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Virtual Tennis Academy Lesson 1 Approach Shots

Virtual Tennis Academy Lesson 1

Approach Shots

Approach shots are known as one of the most important type of shots in tennis. A good approach shot in tennis could help you win points with almost no effort. Positioning, court movement and other aspects are vital for the good approach shot.

The approach shot sets the beginning when going to the net. This kind of shot requires good balance because players usually hit it almost on the run.

When do you go for an approach shot in tennis ?

You hit approach shot usually on a short ball that is coming slowly over the net. This would be the best time to go for an approach shot and attack afterwards. After you hit the approach shot it is very important that you split step and get ready for a volley.

Common ways of hitting a tennis approach shot from forehand side?

Common ways of going to the net by hitting an approach shot are:

- Either hit a flat forehand down the line

- Or hit a top spin forehand down the line or short angled cross court

Common ways of hitting an approach shot from backhand side?

Two-hand backhand:

Either flat or with top-spin

One-hand backhand:

Flat, Slice or Top-Spin backhand approach shots will do the job

Most common mistakes when trying to hit an approach shot include:

Most junior players do not bend their knees low enough when going for approaching shots. Not bending your knees usually results in hitting a shot in the net

Another mistakes is not taking the extra step to the ball instead of reaching for the ball

Do not try to hit the ball too hard

Make sure you split step after the approach shot

When going for a crosscourt approach shot, make sure to use some angle

Do not go for the lines

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Emil Vassilev, TPT

Emil Tennis Method

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