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Using Smart Technology in Tennis Coaching

Hi all it has been a while since my last post but I wanted to share with you my experience with a smart tennis sensor called Zepp. The Zepp sensor could be used to track all the strokes and it is pretty accurate about it. I have started using the Zepp sensor for my private lesson as an added feature to do a serve analysis. So far my lessons are loving it !

Fig. 1

There are plenty of great features about this sensor but the best one in my opinion is the 3D Motion feature for your serve. It is one of the coolest features i have ever seen. You can even do serve comparison (see below fig,2).

I personally use this sensor just for the 3D serving motion option and so far it is awesome. One bit of a con is that sometimes the sensor would not detect some of the serves, other than that though it works just fine.

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